Natural Glowing Earth Tones- Step By Step Tutorial

2013-06-15 13.30.25This is After Her concealer and foundation was applied

2013-06-15 13.35.44

First Brow Completed

2013-06-15 14.05.50

Brows Done & Liner Applied

2013-06-15 14.20.50

Finished Look!

2013-06-15 14.20.53

Step By Step Tutorial:

One of my favorite steps in a makeup application is what I call “Building The Face”, this is the opportunity to really build a strong palette to create upon. This is an opportunity to even the complexion by highlighting areas of the face that you want to emphasize or draw attention to as well as a chance to conceal any imperfections.  Its an opportunity to create planes and illusions on the face with makeup, unfortunately so many women rush through this very important step by only applying one color of foundation to the entire face often creating a “flat” facial appearance with no depth or dimension making them look “washed out”.  The average complexion has a few shades intermixed.  Usually the outer perimeter of the face is darker while the interior areas are usually lighter. For that matter, I first cleansed and moisturized  my clients face,  after which I applied the Urban Decay Foundation Primer using a sponge applicator.  My second step was using the Makeup Forever Camo Palette, I covered the dark areas of her face (under eyes, chin, above lip area) with the orange color corrector concealer which neutralizes darkness.  I then went over the orange corrector with my concealer which was 2 shades lighter than her foundation,  I used my warmed finger to blot into the skin with an almost tapping motion. INSTANTLY  she looks more awakened!. Next I applied Bobbi Brown Foundation in Warm Almond on the areas not touched by the Concealer and then blended  everything together with my Beauty Egg Blending sponge. I set the foundation with Sacha Cosmetics Powder on the foundationed areas and Ben Nye Banana Powder on the concealer areas including under-eye area, center of nose and center of forehead and center of chin..  I then shaped and groomed her brows using the “Spiked” MAC eye pencil, carefully defining the shape of the brow I then outlined the under and upper brow with my concealer using the precision shape of a flat eyeliner brush and then blended into the skin. This gives the arch a really defined and sculpted look. I then contoured the cheeks, sides of the nose and her temples with MAC Blush in “Blunt” and Blend! Blend! Blend!.  I always lightly brush over my contouring with MAC skin finish powder to soften any harsh contour lines that I may have missed. Next, I asked my client to make a BIG smile, I wanted whenever she smiled, her whole face to glow so I applied MAC “Style” on the apples of her cheeks and went on top of it with MAC Blush in “PeachTwist”.  I “tapped” a small amount of “Style in the corners of her forehead to balance out the “glow”. Next I primed her eyelids by SPARINGLY applying MAC Prep-N-Prime Eye Primer on her lower lid and blending over her eye area that I intended to apply makeup to.  I took Laura Geller “Blanco” eyeshadow and dusted her inner tear duct area in a seemingly horse shoe formation. I applied “Booty Call” eyeshadow by Urban Decay on her lower lid and blended up to the crease area. I applied MAC “Brown Down” in the crease area and blended  it into a fading effect towards the edges of her eye.  I also used “Booty Call”  on the brow bone  and lined only the top lash line with a black cream liner. To finish off this Chic eye area, I applied 3 coats of mascara.  I lined her lips with MAC cork pencil and asked her to rub her lips together to blend the liner, I applied MAC lip moisturizer and used “Plum Perfect” lipstick by Maybelline on her lips to finish this Naturally Glowing Look with Earth Toned Shadows.!

I welcome your comments and/or questions.


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